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Cyberbullying Resources

I would like to take a break from the ‘musings’ style blog post that I have been sharing with the community and instead share some valuable resources with you regarding cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become a pervasive phrase in our culture- this is a good thing. It is vital that parents are aware of cyberbullying, what signs they can look for in their student and how they can support their student if they become involved in cyberbullying.


Here are some resources I have encountered, ranked by my opinion on their usefulness (bias warning! 🙂 )

A website that discusses the symptoms of cyberbullying as well as having discussion topics for conversations with your students.

A look at the ways that schools are addressing cyberbullying among their student populations.

A website geared towards parents that gives concrete steps for prevention and preventative monitoring.

Quick tips for parents about stopping cyberbullying.

A page dealing with the flipside- what to do if your student is the bully.

Part of the, this site from the U.S. government contains excellent advice for parents about bullying.


It’s  great day to be a principal!


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